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Vinyl Flooring in Chapel Hill, NC

Vinyl Floors in Chapel Hill, NC

Economical and enduring, vinyl is an attractive choice for any home and is available in a seemingly endless selection of patterns and styles. If you are preparing for a home remodel or resale in Chapel Hill, N.C., and are looking for an attractive, yet affordable flooring option, Signature Flooring encourages you to consider vinyl.

What’s so great about vinyl?

There are many reasons to consider vinyl flooring; in fact, vinyl is considered one of the most versatile and durable flooring options on the market today. But, why is vinyl so popular? Here are just a few reasons:

It’s customizable.

Not only is vinyl flooring highly customizable, but it features a variety of patterns and styles. Signature Flooring’s showroom features a multitude of 6′ and 12′ vinyl flooring sheets, providing a timeless look to any space.

It’s dependable.

One of the most incredible features of vinyl flooring is that it stays in great condition, even under heavy foot traffic. Vinyl is also resistant to water, making it the perfect option for bathrooms and kitchens.

It’s affordable.

While vinyl flooring material costs less than alternative flooring options (ex. tile and hardwood floors), it also takes less to maintain than other types of flooring. It’s even easy to install or replace, so you can change out your vinyl flooring as often as you want!

What’s so great about Signature Flooring?

Signature Flooring, a major supplier of vinyl flooring in Chapel Hill, N.C., is dedicated to meeting the needs of every client and completing every project with exceptional customer service and superior craftsmanship. All Signature Flooring team members are trained to identify the type of vinyl flooring best suited for a specific project or lifestyle.

Thanks to Signature Flooring’s relationships with various vendors, we are able to provide you with the vinyl flooring you want – at the price you need.

Want a free estimate?

At Signature Flooring, we take free estimates a step further by conducting an in-depth, on-site personal consultation. This flooring assessment takes into account the size, purpose and functional demands of your room, your design aesthetic and your budget. When we install your brand new vinyl flooring, we go beyond industry-standard precautions to respect and protect your home at all times.

Visit Signature Flooring

We invite you to stop by the Signature Flooring showroom just outside of Chapel Hill, N.C., to see our entire selection of vinyl flooring, discuss your options, and discover your flooring budget. Call today for a free estimate: 919-304-3010 or submit an online request.

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