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Enduring, Economical Laminate Flooring in Durham, NC

The elegance and warmth you want. The strength and easy maintenance you need. Laminate flooring is the ideal option for many homeowners. Signature Flooring offers an extensive collection of laminate flooring options – including both wood and tile designs. Call today and schedule a visit to our showroom!

Introducing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made to mimic the look and texture of popular flooring options, such as hardwoods, stone, metal, tile and ceramic. Much more durable and affordable than other flooring options, laminate is a popular choice for many homeowners. The materials used to make laminate often vary, but all laminate flooring is composed of the following four layers:

  • Wear Layer: an invisible top coat that protects the floor from stains, fading, scratches and dents.
  • Design Layer: a thin, decorative layer with a high-resolution image imposed on the surface.
  • Inner Core: a plastic resin that keeps the flooring stable and flat.
  • Backing: a bottom layer acts as a moisture barrier, preventing the floor from warping.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?


Laminate flooring is water- and dent-resistant and wears exceptionally well, more so than hardwoods. This makes laminate is the perfect solution for busy, practical rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.


Laminate is practical, but also beautiful. Laminate is made using a technique that mimics the grain and consistency of real hardwoods and other surfaces. This practice intensifies the depth, design and texture of the floor.


Laminate flooring is very budget-friendly, making the beauty of hardwoods or tile a practical reality for many families.


Laminate floors are easy to clean and laminate installation is quite simple! While some laminate requires glue or nails, many of our products are “floating floors,” unattached to the subfloor with planks locked in place using a tongue and groove design.
Come See Your New Laminate Floors

Looking for laminate flooring in Chapel Hill, N.C.? Call Signature Flooring today at (919) 304-3010. We are dedicated to serving every client and completing every project – residential or commercial – with experience, excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship. For your flooring needs, rely on the best: rely on Signature.

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