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Affordable & Durable Laminate Flooring in Burlington, NC

Have you been in love with hardwood floors for as long as you can remember – the warmth, the shine, the elegance– but the price is just out of reach? Laminate flooring may be exactly what you’re looking for. Laminate floors give you the look, feel and durability of real hardwood floors. Without the big sticker price. What could be better than that?

Whether you’re moving, preparing for a home sale, or redesigning your existing home, consider laminate flooring in Burlington, N.C, where Signature Flooring, your trusted, local resource for flooring and installation, can meet your every need. Call us today at (919) 304-3010 and schedule your visit to our showroom!

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is a manufactured flooring surface that replicates the look and texture of hardwoods, stone, metal, tile, ceramic and other high-end design trends. It’s composed of four layers of various materials – including resin, wood fiber, and kraft paper – laminated together and compacted under pressure to create a strong, highly-durable surface. The materials may vary from vendor to vendor, but the layers are always the same:

Wear Layer: a clear top coat that treats the floor, protecting it from stains, fading, scratches and dents.

Design Layer: a thin, decorative layer with an actual high-resolution image of the surface to be replicated. The image is so crisp and detailed, the laminate looks authentic.

Inner Core: plastic resin that keeps the flooring stable and flat.

Backing: a bottom layer that acts like a moisture barrier, preventing the floor from warping.

The Layered Benefits of Laminate

The benefits of laminate flooring are many and varied; in fact, a homeowner would be hard pressed to find flooring that is longer lasting or more versatile. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider laminate flooring for your new home or renovation project in Burlington, N.C.


Due to its multi-layered construction and aluminum oxide coating, laminate flooring is so durable, it’s practically indestructible. It’s water- and dent-resistant and wears exceptionally well, better, even, than hardwoods. Laminate is the tough answer to spills, stains, sun, and heavy foot traffic, the perfect solution for busy, practical rooms, like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and dens. Say goodbye to damage and worry and hello to beautiful new floors!


Just because laminate is eminently practical, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Our laminate floors undergo Embossing in Register, a manufacturing technique that creates micro-grout lines and fine detailing to precisely mimic the grain and consistency of real hardwoods and other surfaces. This practice intensifies the depth and texture of the floor, maximizing the design and heightening the realism. Moreover, laminate planks are highly customizable, available in an array of colors, widths and finishes (fine, or matte).


Budget is not an issue with laminate flooring. This surface makes the beauty of hardwoods a practical reality for many families. Plus, because of its longevity, it pays for itself many times over. Your dream home is now within reach.


Laminate floors are low-maintenance, requiring little more than light sweeping, vacuuming and occasional mopping. Spills can be taken care of quickly and easily with a damp cloth or sponge. Homeowners should not use soap-based detergents or abrasive cleaners and should never wax or polish the floors.

Installation, itself, is easy as 1,2,3. Some laminate requires glue or nails, but many of our products are “floating floors,” unattached to the subfloor, planks locked in place instead by a tongue and groove design. Laminate can be installed on all grade levels, and in some cases, over old concrete, vinyl, tile and even carpet.

Your New Laminate Floors

If you’re looking for laminate flooring in Burlington, N.C., contact Signature Flooring today. We’re dedicated to serving every client and completing every project – residential or commercial – with experience, excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship. For your flooring needs, rely on the best: rely on Signature. Call us today for a free estimate or to schedule a visit to our showroom (919-304-3010)!

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