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Carpet Installation in Burlington, NC

Whether you’re moving into a new house, preparing for a home sale, or redesigning rooms, Signature Flooring, the preeminent local supplier and installer of carpet in Burlington, N.C., can meet your every need. We’re here to make your dream home a reality. Call us today at 919-304-3010 and schedule a visit to our showroom!

Why Choose Carpet?

Nothing says home quite like comfy, cozy carpet, and it will serve you through any stage or phase of life — it’s cushy under baby toes, a soft bed for your pup, a breaker of falls, an absorber of noise, a bearer of foot traffic, a gathering place for board games and movie watching. Carpet will see you through, and because of that, it’s the most popular choice for many Burlington, N.C, homeowners.

With carpet, you have the advantage of the five C’s:


Carpet is not all about comfort; it is also a striking design element, reflecting your personality and individual aesthetic. It can serve as a soft contrast to the angular architecture of a room, as well as the foundation of its design, giving visual direction to window treatments, furniture, artwork and other embellishments. Because carpet is available in an array of colors, textures (loop, cut/uncut, frieze, Saxony) and patterns (tufted or dyed), you’ll be sure to find the perfect product for your home, lifestyle needs and budget.


Modern advancements have made carpet softer than ever before– it’s like down, cotton balls, feathers, silk, plush teddy bears. Cozy and inviting, it’s play, lounge and foot-friendly, lending warmth and comfort to high-ceilinged or stark rooms. Carpet also acts as an additional layer of insulation in your home, saving you energy, and cutting down on heating costs. What’s more, it’s an excellent choice for covering unfinished floors.


Stain, soil and odor-resistant, carpet in Burlington, N.C. has never been easier to care for. Cleaning requires nothing more than a damp cloth or quick vacuum, and as long as your carpets are regularly cleaned, they improve the air quality in your home by trapping dust and other allergens.

Due to technological advancements in fiber, weave and backing manufacture, carpets are also now remarkably durable. They weather the worst of spills and foot traffic, and will last for years. Don’t let excuses of young kids or pets keep you from furnishing your Burlington, N.C. home with the new carpeting you’ve been longing for. Visit our showroom today and peruse carpet swatches for the redesign of your dream room!


If you have a bustling home, you appreciate the value of true peace and quiet. And installing carpet may be the easiest way to hush your busy house. Unlike echoing wood or laminate floors, carpet stifles noise, absorbing the impact of footfalls, blotting out room sounds and echoes and blocking sound transfer between floors; thus carpeting is especially suited for townhouses, apartments and multi-family homes.


Typically, carpet is significantly more affordable than other types of flooring like hardwood, tile, and marble. It’s a smart investment, ideal for any budget, and, depending on its weight and grade, it may add to the resale value of your home.

Why Choose Signature?

Signature Flooring is a major supplier of carpet in Burlington, N.C. and is dedicated to serving every client and completing every project – residential or commercial – with experience, skill, excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship. Due to our relationships with numerous vendors, we can provide you with the carpet you want – at the price you need. Our team members are specifically trained to identify the type of carpeting best suited for your specific project and lifestyle.

We take the “free estimate” one step further, visiting your home or office and conducting an in-depth, personalized consultation. The assessment takes into consideration the size, purpose and functional demands of the room, the amount of traffic, the presence of children or pets, your design aesthetic, your budget, etc. The team member will then discuss your options, guiding you through your plethora of choices.

At time of installation, whether we’re replacing old flooring or carpeting or installing carpeting in new construction, we take above industry-standard precautions to respect and protect your home at all times, such as donning shoe covers upon entering.

For carpet in Burlington, N.C., rely on the best: rely on Signature. Call us today for a free estimate or to schedule a visit to our showroom (919-304-3010)!

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