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Carpet Installation

Carpet is the softest product available for your floors. Carpet also adds warmth and is much quieter than hard surface floors.

Looking for a cozy, quiet, comfortable finish? Think carpet.

Signature Flooring offers a wide range of options as colorful and luxurious (or subdued and functional) as you please. We work with brands that have withstood the test of time, providing quality and value for residential and commercial environment year after year. Visit the Signature Flooring showroom in Mebane to see sample carpet swatches.

Carpet Types

Loop: Visible loops of yarn form the surface of the carpet. Loop pile is also known as “uncut.” Loops are produced by driving yarn through one side of the carpet backing on a needle and pulling it back through. Left uncut, this pile is called loop. Examples of loop pile styles include Berber, Cable, and Sisal carpet styles.

Cut/Uncut: All yarn ends on the surface of the carpet are either cut or uncut. A carpet that has a combination of the two is a cut/uncut or a cut/loop. Whether the styling in multi-level or tip-sheared, cut/uncut products offer added textural interest.

Frieze: When the surface of the carpet looks curly or nubby, it’s called a frieze. This type of cut pile features yarn that is very tightly twisted, which provides enhanced styling and performance characteristics.

Saxony: A saxony carpet has a smooth, level finish in which all the yarn ends are cut at the same level after they have been tufted. This elegant surface type may be considered more formal than other styles. Other names for saxony include velvet, plush, and cut pile.

Texture: A carpet may be called ‘textured’ when the increased amount of yarn twist gives the surface a rough or slightly nubby appearance. The yarn in the textured pile may be crimped as well as twisted to produce color shadings that enhance appearance. ‘Texture’ also describes any combination of cut and loop piles and differing pile heights, designed to provide more attractive and more durable carpets.

Pattern: Visible patterns in carpet are created with color, different densities of yarn and pile heights, and by finishing techniques such as carving. A pattern may be achieved by tufting a design into the carpet or applying it with color dyes.

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