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Don’t Forget to Ask

We realize that you want to make informed, smart decisions as you consider your flooring options. Whether you’re shopping at Signature Flooring or another provider, here are some helpful questions you should ask:

Costs & Charges
  • Do you charge for an in-home estimate? If so, does it apply to the cost of the purchase?
  • Does the price include installation?
  • If not, what are the charges and procedures for installation?
  • How do I calculate how much flooring I’ll need and can I sell back an extra (unopened) box of tiles?
Product Information
  • What are the strengths of one product choice versus another?
  • What are the guaranties and warranties on the flooring itself, on the padding and on the installation?
  • What features does this flooring have that make it easy to maintain?
Decision Making
  • Can I take a sample home to view in the room?
  • Can I purchase a large sample size?


  • What kind of padding or underlayment does this floor require?
  • What do I have to do to my current floors before installation?
  • How quickly will my flooring be installed after I place my order?
  • How do I minimize the number and placement of seams in my room?
  • Is this carpet available in a 15-foot length to ensure fewer seams?
  • Who is responsible for removing and disposing of old carpet and padding?
  • Is there an additional fee for that?
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