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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Space

Carpet SamplesWith thousands of choices in carpet styles, textures, and colors, carpet shopping may seem overwhelming. Whether you are redecorating or selecting carpet for a new home, thinking through a few simple questions and familiarizing yourself with choices will help you find the perfect carpet for your space.

Room Use – Are you replacing or putting carpet in a family area or formal room? Do you have children or pets? Is the room in a high-traffic area or near an outside entrance? How you use the room will impact the durability, finish, color, and pile construction of the carpet you select. For example, you probably don’t want a light-colored, plush carpet located steps from an outside entrance or in a children’s play area.

Room Size – Carpet can influence the room environment. A lighter color carpet can make a small room look larger. A medium to darker color carpet can make a larger room feel more cozy.

Types of Carpet
The way carpet is constructed determines the texture, look, and feel of the carpet. There are four basic types of carpet.

1. Cut Pile – This is a very popular and durable carpet. Several different styles and textures of carpet are included in the cut pile category. These include:

  • Textured Plush – A textured surface helps hide marks from footprints and vacuuming. This is a versatile style that will hold up to family foot traffic and can be used throughout the house.
  • Saxony – This refined surface is a traditional style that is great for living and dining rooms.
  • Frieze – The pile forms a curly, informal textured surface because the yarns are extremely twisted. This style also helps minimize footprints and vacuum marks.
  • Plush – This is best for low-traffic areas and formal rooms and has a luxury feel. It does show footprints and vacuum marks easily.

2. Loop Pile – This informal style will offer long-lasting durability in high-traffic areas. Many Berber styles are loops with flecks of darker color on a light background.

3. Patterned Loop – Two to three different loop heights create a pattern effect and offer a more casual look.

4. Cut and Loop – A combination of cut pile and looped yarns creates texture that can include sculpting effects. Cut and loop can also have a multicolor effect that helps hide soil and stains.

Ready to Shop?
Before you visit a carpet or flooring store, gather fabric swatches from furniture and drapes and paint samples to take to the store with you to help match colors and styles. Also ask the store if you can take carpet samples home so you can view potential selections in the actual room where the carpet will be installed. This allows you to see the choices in your home’s lighting and beside actual furniture.

Schedule a Consultation
To make the most of your time, it can be helpful to schedule an appointment to meet with a store staff member. Sales and design consultants at Signature Flooring in Mebane, NC, offer free consultations that go beyond a basic estimate. An experienced consultant will assess your needs and the aesthetics of your home to recommend carpet solutions that fit your goals, style, and budget.

To schedule a convenient and free carpet consultation at Signature Flooring, call us at 919-304-3010 or email

Signature Flooring also provides comprehensive carpet installation performed by a courteous, professional, and attentive team.

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